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The newest toy! A Bouncing Disk in five different colors: pink/purple, orange, yellow, green and blue. You can throw it, bounce and water slide. It floats! Children invent their own game. This is the hype of 2016?! Go into the world of qobby! 

For those interested who have seen us at the International Toy Fair in Nernberg of 2016For questions or orders in Europe please contact Mr. Christiaan Verhoog on info@qoboqob.com or telephone +31651160099

 For orders outside Europe also please contact Christiaan R. Verhoog or Coen Bakker: info@qoboqob.com 

For the US we are now working with a new partner and will soon be the next venture for 2016. 

The Birth

Everything is inspiration and inspiration is everywhere, and that's where the idea came. The development of the bouncing disk has number of years seized. As the idea is born so it stayed the same.

By playing with anything and everything the inventor has lots of experiences. These experiences are a source for what you and qoboqob can do. The bouncing ball and a disc, football playingcards and jeu de boules, the yoyo and a vibration damperWhen you mix all this you see the idea came for something newSomething that had not existed, there lies the challenge for us!

What do you do with a new idea? What is your goal? What do you want?

We believe the qoboqob "the bouncing disk" is fun to play. And anyone can come up with his own game. Throw, bounce, waterslide  and more ..... 

What do you create?

qoboqob video's

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The new craze!

Check this out!!! Coen Bakker and Christiaan Verhoog of Twentoy qobbing!!
Easy to learn, difficult to master!

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What do you play?

Children show what you can for example with the qoboqob.

Who are we?

We are two young entrepreneurs from Holland region Twente. We have the "qoboqobconceived and developed in Enschede in Holland!

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